About Audora

Who are we?schuitema voice_picking_gradient

Audora is an advanced software solution in voice recognition technology. The name is derived from the Latin words Audire(listening) and Orare (speaking); the two most basic human functions in a warehouse. Over the past few years voice recognition technology has been significantly improved and Audora is right at the top of the latest developments.

What do we do?

Audora has launched the latest development in voice recognition. This advanced software solution listens and automatically adapts to the operator's voice for even more accurate speech recognition. Audora analyzes the characteristics of your voice. This analysis is used to further improve the speech recognition.

For whom?

Voice technology can be used for various purposes. The most common application is voice picking. Operators in a warehouse use a wireless, wearable computer with a headset and microphone to receive and confirm instructions by voice.


We have extensive experience in voice picking solutions. In the past 10 years we have used different types of systems of various suppliers. With this we gained a lot of experience and knowledge on voice picking and speech recognition. Experience and knowledge we used to review the voice application and all its functionalities. The non-generic and user-unfriendly nature of the last used solutions have led to the development of Audora.


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