Audora is a warehouse solution for optimization of order picking and other warehouse processes (e.g. receiving, putaway, replenishment). No matter the industry you are in, our speech recognition can be implemented in a wide variety of industries. 

• Automotive
• Clothing
• Consumer goods
• Cosmetics
• Logistics service provider / 3PL
• Multimedia & printed media
• Pharmaceuticals
• Retail Food
• Spare parts


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Automotive has always been a demanding industry with fierce competition. The industry is under tremendous pressure to innovate their manufacturing process and at the same time reduce costs. In addition, deliveries need to be quick and reliable. With the voice solution of Audora you will face these challenges. Audora improves the accuracy and performance of voice picking processes.



The operation of textile and fashion articles is often related to seasons, various collections, promotional periods and action items. In this fast moving industry it is important to deliver just in time and with a high level of accuracy. In a sector with fierce competition this creates great pressure. With the voice solution of Audora your logistic process will be more accurate and productive.


Consumer goods

The consumer goods industry is related to complex logistics activities in a highly competitive environment. To deal with a variety of goods, rapid expansion, high-frequency distribution, multi-point distribution, and rapid distribution requirements, you need a system which is flexible and accurate. With the voice solution of Audora you are able to face these challenges.



One of the characteristics of the cosmetic industry is the wide variety of products which are often very similar in terms of size and weight. This may lead to an increase of errors. Also strong seasonal peak periods and the many action items are a known phenomenon in cosmetics. Therefore the quality of the voice picking process has to be very high. Audora improves the quality and performance of voice picking processes.


Logistics service provider / 3PL

Logistics service providers are dealing with many flows for different brands in a competitive market. This makes it important to watch your stock as well as the margins. Audora will not only improve the quality and performance of voicepicking processes, it also gives you the opportunity of a real-time overview of all the processes in your warehouse.


Multimedia & printed media

The multimedia and printed media industry deals with major differences in distribution frequency and demands. A product launch is often accompanied by a large amount of inventory and high demand. The demand for this product will decrease over time. This all makes the multimedia and printed media is a very flexible industry, which requires a flexible solution. Audora's voice picking solution offers you the flexibility and ability to rapidly adjust to the situation.



The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by high standards and rules to ensure the quality of the operation. A small mistake can have very serious consequences. Therefore the order picking process has to be very accurate. With the voice solution of Audora the accuracy of your logistic process will be improved.


Retail Food

Retail and Food is an industry with great challenges in logistics and warehousing. You have to deal with a large range of articles with a variety of different requirements, e.g. expiration dates, FIFO handling, etc. In addition, some goods are stored in a refrigerated or frozen environment. This will be no problem for Audora. Our voicepickingsolution proves to work perfectly in a frozen environment.


Spare parts

The keyword in the logistic operation of spare parts is often reactivity. Due to delivering within 24 hours to repair centers, efficiency in delivering is crucial. In addition, a hands and eyes free working environment is a must to achieve an exceptional performance. Thanks to the Audora voice picking system your operators have both hands and eyes free and they can be completely focused on their work, which leads to higher accuracy and productivity.