Audora is capable of using both direct connect interface, and a system with a middleware setup.


Direct connect

The voice solution Audora is completely integratable in your Warehouse Management System (WMS). It can be integrated with many ERP- and WMS systems like SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, Marc, Red Prairie etc.

Due to the online interface with the host system there is no middleware layer. This not only minimizes risks for the operations continuity, it also adds a level of flexibility. In addition, the online wireless communication enables you to control all processes in one system without using middleware. Also all business data, and -logic resides on the host system. Every action is immediately confirmed to the WMS, which gives you a complete and real-time overview of the inventory in the warehouse. Also changes in business logic are immediately implemented without additional programming to the voice system. In fact, with direct connect your IT-staff has the ability to do dialogue modifications themselves, further increasing flexibility.
While implementing direct connect, we have to take into account that response times are essential.



If you do not have the knowledge or you want to outsource the software modifications, we can do it for you. Not only can we create the dialogs, but with the Audora middleware it is also very easy to integrate WMS-functionalities like route calculation, volume calculation, dynamic order batching, integration of devices like (label) printers, weighing scales etc. Our system has a modular setup, so the WMS functionalities can be integrated separately and independent from each other. This makes the Audora solution very flexible and suitable to your every need.



• Completely integrated in your WMS
• Flexible solution thanks to modulardesign of the software
• Real-time overview in warehouse
• Performance improvement


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