Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice or voice picking is a paperless system based on voice recognition procedures. Pick by Voice systems create a hands free environment for warehouse and factory workers. This working method will increase performance, accuracy and safety.


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Voice Pick technology

Voice technology can be used for various purposes, however the most common application is (order) voice picking. 


Speech recognition

The technology uses speech recognition and speech synthesis to allow workers to confirm pick instructions through spoken commands and communicate with the Warehouse Management System (WMS)



With pick by voice, operators use a wireless wearable computer with a headset and microphone to receive instructions by voice

They verbally confirm their actions to the system. The voice pick wearable computer, or voice terminal, communicates with the Warehouse Management Software via a radio frequency local area network.


Benefits of Pick by Voice

  • Higher accuracy; 99.9% is possible
  • Overall improved productivity by 25% regarding paper based order pick picking
  • A hands free working environment
  • Real time stock update
  • Safety is improved as the hands and eyes free environment leads to fewer accidents
  • Quick familiarization because speaking and listening are basic human functions
  • Quick ROI


Difference between speaker dependent and speaker independent voice recognition

Speaker dependent systems require each user to train the system for his/her individual speech pattern, dialect, or language. All words in the Pick by Voice dialog need to be recorded before the system can be used. 

This time-consuming process is not necessary when you use speaker independent technology. 

The speaker independent system contains a database with words in different languages. Some systems even contain databases with words in different dialects. With a speaker independent voice system you can start immediately with voice picking.


Quick ROI

With the lowest client license costs on the market, Audora distinguishes itself as an affordable high quality solution that ensures quick ROI and smooth implementation. 


Open system

Audora is an open system. This means that no proprietary components are used and it is compatible with most standard mobile and wearable computers. The use of standard hardware available on the market, offers you additional price advantages and flexibility.


Significant increase of pick performance

Thanks to the Audora system the operator has both hands and eyes free for essential pick actions. Your employees can be completely focused on their work which leads to a higher accuracy and productivity.


Easy integration

Our voice pick solution can be easily integrated into your current application with only a minimum amount of effort. This easy integration cuts back on implementation costs tremendously. Audora enables the control of the voice pick devices directly from your WMS. Ask for the possibilities here.


Lowest client license costs

Also the client licenses have the lowest prices on the market. The Audora solution is very competitive. Our lowest price offer is an almost guarantee. Please contact us to hear our prices.