Voice Picking Features

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Speaker Independent Recognition (SIR)

Audora uses speaker independent recognition, so the picking system requires no individual profile training. This gives you the flexibility so badly needed in current warehouses with rapidly changing staff. Also during a shift change the voice picking clients can be easily exchanged amongst employees. Audora enables the operator to start immediately with voice picking. Think of all the time you are saving when your operators do not have to enter all voice commands before they can actually start voice picking.


Speaker adaptation

Audora will listen to the operator's voice and analyze its characteristics. This analysis is then used to further improve the speech recognition during picking. For example, when your operator comes to work with a cold, or a husky voice, the system will automatically adapt to your operator. This is all done on-the-job.


Natural voice output

The voice picking system uses a natural voice output to ensure a pleasant work atmosphere, especially when the operator uses the voice picking system for longer periods. The operator will hear a clear and friendly voice, so Audora feels as natural as having a conversation with a friend. This leads to a higher acceptance from your operators.


Open system
Hardware and software independent

Audora is an open picking system. This means that no proprietary components are used and it is compatible with most standard mobile and wearable computers. When you already usewireless equipment, you do not necessarily need to invest in new equipment. The use of standard hardware available on the market, offers you additional price advantages and flexibility. Moreover, our solutions can be easily integrated into your current application with only a minimum amount of effort. Of course, the latest in wireless communication and security is used.


Cutting edge technology

Our voice picking solution is right at the top of the latest developments. It uses the latest techniques in voice recognition technology, like Speaker Independent Recognition (SIR), speaker adaptation, phonetic transcriptions and support for user specific dialects.


Multiple languages

Audora is available in various languages. It supports over 35 languages. The picking system also supports additional functionality for heavy accents. If necessary we can create user specific recognitions based on phonetic transcriptions.


Noise cancelling

A warehouse is often a noisy environment, e.g. loud conveyors, forklifts, etc. The new Audora software ensures that interference from the surroundings is reduced to an absolute minimum. There is no need for the operators to raise their voice, or repeat utterances thanks to Audora's excellent noise cancelling.